To be Honolulu, Hawaii's most effective in-home private tutoring service

Focus Labo offers customized lessons from highly qualified tutors who are matched to fulfill your family’s needs. 
We specialize in individual study sessions with flexible scheduling to accommodate your convenience. 
Our classes typically occur in-home; however, we are willing to meet your choice of location.

At Focus Labo, we understand that all students learn differently; therefore, our approach to each student is catered to his or her learning style. 
After an initial consultation with one of our academic coordinators, we will determine a course of action, including the selection of a suitable tutor, based on individual assessment. 
By utilizing our dual reporting system, the academic coordinator will work with the tutor by providing ongoing counseling, making adjustments, and helping establish specific direction for each student.

Although our teaching methods vary from student to student, our goals remain consistent. 
In the short term, we aim to meet specific objectives, whether that entails improving grades, earning acceptance into a top private school, or obtaining the best possible score on an upcoming standardized test such as the SSAT, ACT, or the SAT. 
Our long term quest includes developing skills and strategies needed to boost effective study habits that last long after our classes have finished. 
We address challenges and problem areas, and guide our students to reach their highest levels of potential.

Ultimately, our tutors are committed to providing a first-class learning experience that is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. 
We encourage a flexible and creative approach to education, because we believe that learning should be a stimulating experience.