Leadership System

Tutors are supported by an academic coordinator to help ensure academic progress is being maintained

Each tutor at Focus Labo is supported by an academic coordinator who helps set a curriculum that’s most suitable for the student’s needs. 

Additionally, the tutor and academic coordinator decide on appropriate textbooks for each student.

Throughout the course of each student’s enrollment at Focus Labo, the academic coordinator will oversee lectures via the tutor’s written reports. 

On occasion, the academic coordinator will attend lectures for purposes of observation, assessment, and/or conferences with the parents. 

The conferences may be held for the purpose of updating parents on student progress, collecting relevant information regarding the student’s personal or school life that may be influencing academic performance, reevaluating academic goals, or simply general consultation so that the academic coordinator can answer parents’ questions.

In the event that there are multiple tutors teaching the same student, the academic coordinator will arrange the tutors’ schedules and curricula in a way that is most beneficial to the student. 

By ensuring awareness of a common goal, our tutors are able to work together effectively.


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