Our highly qualified tutors strive to present concepts in fun, easy-to-understand ways using classroom style instruction.

Focus Labo offers a highly personalized learning experience. 
After an initial in-person consultation in which one of our academic coordinators gets to know the student, as well as address his or her needs and areas of improvement, we carefully match that student to one of our tutors. 
We consider the student’s personality, interests, and academic goals to be crucial elements in the matching process. 
Once a tutor has been selected, Focus Labo completely customizes and designs unique study programs for each student. 
To accomplish this, the assigned tutor will work with the academic coordinator to create a curriculum and select appropriate textbooks.

Our tutors present concepts in fun and easy-to-understand ways. 
In addition to working with textbooks and other hands-on materials, they frequently use a whiteboard as a lecturing tool during classes. 
During one-on-one tutoring sessions, this classroom style instruction serves as a convenient tool for conveying various concepts to students, playing strategic learning games, and providing the student opportunities to explain, or “teach” learned material back to the instructor.

At Focus, once a tutor has been assigned to a student, he or she will continue to be that student’s tutor, and will not change unless it becomes necessary. 
We believe consistency is a key to student success, and the trust that’s built between the tutor and student is a vital part of the learning process. 
Additionally, maintaining a designated tutor allows us to truly know our students by recognizing their tendencies, enabling us to make ongoing assessments and implement changes to the curriculum as needed.