Initial MeetingFREE
Registration Fee$60
Administration FeeFREE
Coordinator FeeFREE
Academic CounselingFREE
 Transportation and Monthly Report Fee Within 30 mins via bus from Waikiki: $12*
parking fee will be charged separately if necessary
 TextbooksYou can use your own textbooks if you have any.
We will ask you if we have any suggestions**
 WhiteboardLarge: $80 for Exam Prep (rental $10/month)
Small: $20 for Homework Help

*  We will calculate based on the distance between the student's and tutor's home.
** We need two sets of textbook. One for the student and one for the tutor.

Once a week (90 mins) x 4 times a month x $60/hour + Transportation & Report Fee ($12 x 4) = $408 (+Tax)