Report System

Establishing a clear line of communication between parents, the tutor, and academic coordinator

After each tutoring session, our teachers complete two reports with reference to the class. 
The first report is written in a small notebook— the “Comm Book”—which is provided to each family, and is primarily intended to record any homework assignments that should be completed before the following session. 
The Comm Book may also include a brief overview of the session along with any encouraging notes to the student. 
Additionally, the Comm Book can be used as a communication tool between parents and tutors. 
It is required to be in the student’s possession at all times, and parents should view the Comm Book after each class.

The second, more detailed report is composed after each session and sent to the parents by mail on a monthly basis. 
These reports are more detailed and serve numerous purposes. 
First, the requirement that our tutors compose detailed reports for each class virtually ensures that the course of action that has been determined by the academic coordinator is being enacted. 
Secondly, we are are better able to monitor progress, and if applicable, identify certain issues that may be impeding a student’s growth. 
Third, in the event that one our students is working with multiple Focus Labo tutors, the report system helps us coordinate with one another. 
Finally, these reports are intended as a communication tool for the parents.